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this is some pretty funny shit. Chicks fight it out over a cheating man at someone’s office.

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This is some crazy shit. These little guys really are pretty tough. They kick ass, each others that is. I guess

the whole dwarf boxing thing is gaining popularity even though I would imagine new fighters for the sport are in short supply.

Check out the dwarf Muay Thai boxing videos. The first video is a short one with what I guess are highlights from this particular midget match between a 3′ fighter and the giant 4′ one. Click Here to download the short dwarf boxing clip

Now for the longer clip, more midget Boxing video - Click Here

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These 2 crazy women are going for a wresting win in a tub of margaritas. Are margaritas supposed to be green? Anyway, the ladies adrenaline gets the best of them and when the refs try to break it up, they turn on the refs, pushing them down into the tub of green margaritas. Girls just wanna have fun.

Click Here for Margarita wrestling

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Here are two chicks who felt like getting dirty in the mud, Click on the image below to play the mud wrestling video

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oh, those old late night soap cat fights… here is a nice Dynasty one if you are even old enough to remember that shit.. chicks fight it out in the mud.

Click Here to see the cat fight video

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This is a giant pillow fight in the streets on Vancouver. Now I have no idea why they all did this or how they even organized such a giant pillow brawl, but its way cool and all I can hear is fools laughing everywhere as the pillows are flying. Madness

March, 2005 Vancouver pillow street fight video… and its pretty long.

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In a fight between a large dog and a porcupine, who would be the victor? The porcupine it seems. And, no, this is not a fake image, this poor pooch did get his ass “pinned” by the porcupine. Wow, sucks to be on the losing side of that brawl. This is some sick shit for sure, mug full of porcupine quills for this pooch

dog vs. porcupine
dog vs. porcupine

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chick with black eye
chick with black eye

How did these people get the black eyes? well it wasn’t through brawls, below are the stories.

Black eye story #1, she really does look happy, doesn’t she? Black eyed Liz really is a trooper.

WII have a black eye
WII have a black eye

..Ladies and gentlemen, join with me now in bowing before what is easily the most painful looking Wii injury to date. Her boyfriend fills us in on what happened…

“The day our Wii arrived also happened to be when my work was holding our Christmas party. Not being one to forego free booze, off I went leaving the girlie to play to her hearts content.

After guzzling a copious amount of ‘wife beater’ (Stella Artois) - I returned home to find the girlie in mid battle with a Zelda ‘Boss’. In my inebriated state, it was instinctual to become her knight in shining armour. I proceeded to take the controllers off her and fight the beast myself.

Unfortunately, my courage was far greater then my skill. Having taken a good kicking, Liz then tried to intervene with disastrous results. She approached me from the side, appearing from my blind spot, whilst I was performing a slashing movement. I hit her with full force right in her eye!

I truly thought I’d blinded her and was almost about to call an abulance but then her pain died down. You can see the results of the accident in the attached photo…

I’m lucky that Liz is a good sport, but it did cost me, Liz has first dibs on the Wii… a small price to pay - I guess :( -Jim”

Black Eye #2

Black eyed cute kid
Black eyed cute kid

How I got my black eye, a multiple choice quiz:
A. Some bad guys were trying to steal my mommy’s purse. My spider-sense started tingling and my bat ears heard her cries. I raced over to the alley, super-fast, in my snowboots, and went all ninja turtle on the guys. I got this black eye, but you should see the bad guys!

B. My big brother finally got sick of my $#@* and popped me one, right in the eye.
C. We were playing outside at L’s house and one of my friends was swinging a plastic bucket full of water. Right as L said “D, stop swinging that–” CRACK– WAAAAH! It hit me right in the eye.

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Canadian Goose tries to show who’s boss on that boat. The Goose takes offense at the people leaving with the boat and attacks the boat, passengers and Dog over and over. This goose didn’t go for the throat, he went for the ass, of the dog that is, chasing and biting the poor pooch. The pooch, seemed to have no clue what to do about the aggressive goose other than run.

The Goose finally gave up after a pretty good brawl and let the people get away with the boat. Wow, that is one bad ass goose that I hope I never run into.

Funny thing is, I have been chased by a goose before, and the goose did take a snip at my ass, jumped up to bite my butt even though my legs and ankles were far closer.

Anyway, this is one funny, funny brawl.

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WTF? this chick in the elevator is having no part of this purse snatching… nope, this fool grabs her purse and she shows him her kung fu moves straight out of the UFC. She takes him down, backwards and hopefully gets her purse back.

girl takes down an attacker with martial arts moves
girl takes down an attacker with martial arts moves